Frequently Asked Questions

As a wedding photographer, I believe it is very important that couples I work with are not left in the dark. If there is ever anything you need to ask me—whether it be about contract agreements, payments, or even wedding day details—PLEASE ask!! These are just a few of the frequently asked questions I receive from potential clients who are interested in hiring me for their wedding day.

Why should I hire you?

Photography is truly my biggest passion in my life. Even before I made it into a career, I was photographing anything I could and would attempt to capture my vision in a more artistic approach. It is my goal and ultimate joy to capture beautiful images for my clients. What is most important to me is to provide for my clients the full satisfaction and joy out of their photographs—and if I feel that I haven’t met that personal goal in any specific scenario, I will continue photographing and take several approaches until I feel the job has been fulfilled. Everyone deserves to be treated as an individual, especially when it comes to something as important as your wedding day. I not only want to be your photographer; I also want to be your supporter and friend. My promise is to help your wedding day photography experience go with ease, and to help make sure the day is full of laughs, smiles, maybe some (happy) cries-but most of all, full of all the absolute best memories of this wonderful time in your life.

What experience do you have as a photographer?

Art has been a part of my life since I can remember, but as far as camera experience I purchased my first SLR camera seven years ago. In that time I gained about 4 years of photographic service experience and began photographing weddings in 2010. Probably one of the biggest turn points in my career was when I visited Nashville, Tennessee and was mentored by photographer [Sarah Barlow]—who is best known for her latest work with Taylor Swift’s RED album photographs. Since then I have attended many small workshops and have networked with professional photographers all across the nation who have been a huge support with regards to my business and my knowledge. In the three years I have photographed about 30 weddings and countless lifestyle sessions. I now specialize in weddings only as I have found that is where my passion lies—but I do offer a limited number of portrait sessions as well.

I am interested in having you photograph my wedding. How do I start?

Thank you so much and I am thrilled that you find value and quality in the work that I do! If you are interested in hiring me for your wedding, please fill out my inquiry form on the [contact page] of my website (OR my blog contact form in the link on the menu below my logo) and from there we will schedule a wedding photography consultation. If you aren’t sure on a wedding photographer yet, I would still love to meet with you and chat over coffee about your wedding day. We will go over what I can offer you as your wedding photographer so that you have a better understanding of what I do and if I’m a good fit as your photographer.

What is required to reserve my wedding date with you?

Before we reserve your wedding date, I like to be sure that we go over all the agreements in my wedding photography contract and that I answer all your questions pertaining to any of those agreements before you sign. After we go over and sign the contract together, a $600 non-refundable retainer fee is due to reserve your wedding date.

When is the full amount of the balance due?

My contract states that full payment of the remaining balance (after your retainer is paid) is due no later than two weeks prior to your wedding date.

How far should we book in advance?

I have reserved wedding dates up to 12-16 months prior to the actual wedding, and have even reserved dates as soon as one month before the wedding. If you have chosen a wedding date and have booked your venue, I recommend booking your photographer as soon as you can. To ensure highest quality of my services, I never book more than one wedding per weekend and limit the number of weddings I shoot per month.

Do you work with two photographers?

Most of the work that I do and almost all the work you see in my portfolio is done as myself being the only photographer present. I am very confident in the work that I do and I do not take weddings lightly at all. With that being said, I know most couples feel better knowing there is a second photographer present. I do have an option for a second photographer that you can add to any photography collection, however I only recommend second photographers when the wedding guest count exceeds over 150 people.

How much are your wedding collections?

Full wedding coverage begins at $2500. I also offer a selection of a la carte items that you may choose to include with your collection including professional prints, heirloom albums, bridal, and engagement sessions. Please contact me and I will be more than happy to forward you access to my wedding brochure which will include all the details with regards to how I work on your special day.

Do you offer special discounts for destination weddings or elopements?

Destination Weddings can most definitely be a time crunching event to plan. It is my goal to make it as easy as possible, and I’m more than willing to customize a package for your out-of-state or international wedding. Please [contact me] and send me as much information as you can about your wedding day, including your wedding location, venue, hotel you are staying at, dates you request for a photographer to be present, guest count, etc. The more information the better. From there I will gather as much details as possible so I can send you an approximate quote for full services of your special day.

Elopements are a completely different and especially intimate experience. If you are thinking about eloping–whether it be only with immediate family present, or simply just you and your spouse-to-be–I would be honored if you considered me to be there with you as your photographer. I do offer customized pricing for elopements. Please [contact me] with your inquiry and include as much information as possible regarding the plans you have for your forthcoming nuptials.

How soon will we see our photographs after the wedding?

In my contract it states that images will be available and delivered approximately 4-6 weeks after the wedding date. A lot of this depends on the time of year and how many jobs I have open. Please mention during our consultation if you have any further questions regarding delivery times as I do know a lot of couples like to include photographs in their thank-you cards.

Do you correct your photos?

Yes, I do minor color corrections only to enhance the mood and feel of the photographs in a way that would best portray your wedding day. All photos are edited to a cohesive style to help tell that story when you look at an album as a whole. I’m really inspired by the natural beauty of film photography, and I edit as best as I can to match that look.

Will I receive a disc or thumb drive of all my photographs?

I highly encourage printing your photos through professional quality labs. This can easily be done by utilizing your online galleries, which are automatically provided with every session. Photographs are MEANT to be printed and displayed on your walls or in an album rather than displayed on your computer screen.  However, I do not believe in holding photographs hostage. For every wedding I do provide edited images with a personal use and print release. These images come in the form of a disc, and will be mailed to you in a gift package with a few other goodies :)

How would you describe your photography style?

I’m very naturalistic in the way that I photograph. I don’t like to reenact anything on your wedding day as much as I don’t like to alter the look of it afterward.  Your wedding is not a production—it’s a beautiful day that you should remember just as it happened and I just take an artistic approach to tell the story of your day in my photographs.

How would you suggest we schedule the photography on our wedding day?

Most of the formal photography that I take happens right after the ceremony and before the reception begins. Depending on the size of your family, I would suggest 2-3 hours or more between your ceremony and reception so that we have a good amount of time to round everyone up for all formal portraits. This is only my recommendation based on past experiences because I don’t like anyone to feel rushed on their wedding day. I always provide couples with a guideline of suggested family photographs about a month before the wedding, and I ask that you add or remove any family members that need or need not be included in these photos. I use this list to make the family portrait time go as smooth as possible. In this time period we will also photograph the bridal party together, and the most important part—the photographs of you and your new spouse! If you decide that you will be seeing each other before the ceremony, we definitely would not need as much time. Please mention if you do decide to go the non-traditional route during our consultation and we will go over any further details! With regards to the rest of the wedding day: let it happen as it happens. If I am hired for a limited number of hours on the wedding day we will go over any additional timeline suggestions that I have for you, but otherwise I just like to let the day go as it goes and I photograph it as it happens.

What equipment do you use?

I use top-of-the-line Canon gear for all of my work. On your wedding day I bring with me two Canon 5D professional cameras, and also have a 50D camera as a backup. Both prime and zoom lenses are used throughout your wedding day as well as external flash for the most necessary scenarios. For my style of photographs, I try to avoid flash in all cases. I usually only use flash during the reception.

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes! I wouldn’t go without it. I am insured as a member of PPA (Professional Photographers of America).  

Special ‘Thank You’ to all my wedding clients!!